About JCB

John C. Breckenridge Insurance Solutions, Inc. (JCB) is a brokerage and plan management firm specializing in student health and intercollegiate sports insurance for higher education institutions.

We are passionate about the work we do and pride ourselves on collaborating with our clients to provide reliable service that they can count on.

JCB is transforming the student insurance landscape by combining passionate, unwavering service from people you can genuinely trust, coupled with a groundbreaking new system that empowers universities and students with industry-leading tools. With more than 60 years’ combined experience, our formula is simple – Listen to your wants and needs and provide you with expert guidance.

John C. Breckenridge

Founder & President

John C. Breckenridge is the Founder and President of John C. Breckenridge Insurance Solutions (JCB) and a leader in the student insurance industry. John, who has more than 20 years of experience in the student insurance market, launched JCB in 2016 as a way to transform and modernize how student insurance, intercollegiate sports insurance, and blanket accident policies are bought, sold and managed

As President of JCB, John’s leadership and passion for business establish the vision that guides the company toward fulfilling its founding principles, chief among them: to provide unwavering service from trustworthy people. John envisioned a system for administering student insurance that was fully transparent to both JCB’s employees and its clients – John believes this transparency will allow JCB’s clients unprecedented access to their information while also creating an internal accountability among its employees. John is committed to ensuring that student health insurance safeguards students’ futures by being readily accessible and easy to understand.

John began his insurance career 20 years ago, as a life and health insurance broker specializing in the student health market. He became Director of Sales for Somerton Student Insurance, Inc., which was purchased by Wells Fargo Insurance Services in 2005.

John continued his growth at Wells Fargo Insurance Services and was named Senior Vice President of the Student Insurance Division, and a leader of the Higher Education Practice Group. While at Wells Fargo Insurance Services, John was responsible for developing new business, overseeing student health, blanket accident, study abroad and intercollegiate athletics for over 200 colleges, representing over 400,000 insured students. He also developed the Play It Safe Concussion Care Program, a first of its kind program designed to protect youth athletes from the effects of concussions.

John holds a bachelor’s of science in health and human services from California State University, Sacramento.


Lisa Hannon

Founder and Chief Operating Officer

With more than 20 years experience in student healthcare, Lisa left a successful career with a national firm to found JCB Insurance Solutions (JCB) in pursuit of a more fulfilling entrepreneurial career. As Founder and Chief Operating Officer of JCB, Lisa is responsible for the strategic planning and development of diverse business operations, as well as, the financial health of the business. Lisa is an Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) Self-Implementer and Integrator, who has achieved great success guiding the JCB team to achieve organizational goals and objectives while executing the company vision. Lisa’s strong understanding of business operations, allows her to continually optimize organizational efficiencies, promote scaling in a growth-oriented environment and guide the future development of JCB.

Lisa attended the College of Southern Nevada, is a licensed insurance agent in multiple states, holds a Sacramento school board member position and is actively involved in the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), a global learning organization, accessible to only the most successful business owners in the community.


Jolie Vincent

Vice President, Account Executive

As a key member of JCB’s service team, Jolie Vincent draws on 17 years of experience in the insurance industry, with 10 years specializing in the student insurance market. She provides an exceptional level of service to JCB’s clients; she works as a key point of contact from the first day, managing the client onboarding process and identification of clients’ insurance needs, and providing proactive solutions to meet those needs.

In her role, Jolie works closely with university staff to develop clear objectives and goals and to identify all potential challenges or obstacles that must be addressed in order to implement a successful plan. Prior to a plan’s annual renewal, Jolie performs plan analysis and negotiations on behalf of JCB’s clients to ensure they receive the most advantageous renewal rates with their carrier.

Previously, Jolie was responsible for the coordination, implementation and management of student health, blanket accident and intercollegiate athletic programs as a Vice President with Wells Fargo Insurance Services.

Jolie attended Sierra College and holds a Life & Health and Property & Casualty license.


Michael Holbrook

Vice President & Head of Information Systems

Michael Holbrook brings more than 12 years of experience specializing in student insurance to JCB. Michael oversees and manages JCB’s information technology process, including strategic and tactical planning, infrastructure, development and implementation of business and enterprise applications, and data infrastructure. He sets the company’s standards for data reporting, business intelligence systems and data access, ensuring the information systems provide the most accurate and current information to the company to assist with key decision making.

As Vice President and Head of Information Systems, Michael is responsible for one of JCB’s most important assets – the system and platform on which JCB provides its clients with brokerage services, plan information, and client dashboards.

Previously, Michael oversaw plan administration systems with Wells Fargo Insurance Services, handling all of the waiver and enrollment processes for clients and vendors. Michael leveraged his knowledge of these systems and business processes to assist with the implementation of new clients and new vendors, including online waiver systems. Michael also managed the loss reporting team to ensure that custom loss report packages met standards for quality and accuracy.

Michael holds a bachelor of science degree in computer science from California State University, Sacramento.