Our Services

We love navigating student insurance. No, really, we do. We know it may not be fun for you, but for us, it’s a way of life. And by the way, we are really good at it.

JCB Insurance Solutions, a Gallagher Company analyzes all aspects of your current program to assess it against industry trends, market conditions and peer institutions to establish a “best practice” comparison. This framework is the basis which allows us to develop and recommend a program, tailored to fully satisfy your institution’s specific needs and objectives.

Specializing In:

Expert Analysis and Actionable Recommendations – provides a complete
evaluation of its clients’ business processes, including plan enrollment, student waivers and waiver audits – we’ve done this before, and our team is ready to guide you every step of the way.

Health Plan Design – JCB helps its clients design the right student health plan by providing analysis of benefit utilization patterns, plan enrollment and carrier performance and makes recommendations for cost-containment practices.

Carrier Quote Services – JCB solicits insurance carrier quotes, negotiates rates and facilitates plan selection on behalf of its clients – we’re considered experts at this, and we’ll leverage our skills and relationships to get you the best deal possible.

Updated Equipment – Our proprietary student insurance software provides support with enrollment, eligibility, waiver and waiver audit management using new world, mobile friendly technology that empowers universities – you’ll never look at student insurance the same way again.

Personalized Attention – We’re bringing back the good ‘ol days of top-notch service from dedicated staff.

We are passionate about the work we do and pride ourselves on collaborating with our clients to provide reliable service that they can count on.